This quotation is for the design, manufacture and delivery of a vacuum pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) Bio Gas Purification System.

Process Description

The Biocng collected in your gas holder will be fed to a Roots compressor where pressure of gas is raised to around 0.5kg/cm2g.

The Most Gas will be than fed to a H2S removal Adsorber

The H2S free gas is than allowed to get dried in a Twin tower Gas dryer

This gas is than fed to a Zeolite Molecular Sieves based VPSA purification unit which has a twin tower arrangement filled with special grade of ZMS to adsorb CO2.while one tower is purifying the gas, the other tower is taken for regeneration which is achieved by

  • Depressurization of the tower.
  • Creating partial vacuum in the tower.
  • Providing small purge of pure gas in the reverse direction in the tower.
  • Depressurization of the tower.

Salient Features

The system has been designed with adequate instrumentation package so that the following abnormal conditions are avoided.

  • Low pressure in the gas holder
  • High discharge pressure
  • High discharge temperature
  • All electrical will be suitable for flame proof are classification as per Gr.IIA/IIB.

Basic Control Function

The Complete System Is Pre Program control by a microprocessor (PLC).The Power and Instruments are operted through this PLC and a touch screen HMI is provided on the PLC/Control Panel.

Proven Biocng Upgradation Technology - Introduction

This Quotation is for the design, manufacturer & delivery of SBPW (Scrubbing By Pressurized Water) Process based Bio Gas purification System with a capacity of Inlet Bio Gas.

The SBPW(Scrubbing By Pressurized Water) technology is the most applicable in most situations because it removes a wide range of pollutant (including CO2, H2S, alcohols etc) in one step.

The PWS process is based on the difference insolubility of CH4 and CO2 in water. The process is intensified by further improving the solubility of CO2by pressurizing the absorption system to 8-10 bar. Other water soluble pollutants like H2S will be washed out/absorbed into the circulation water.