What Ceid Does ?

At CEID we focus on maximizing the return on investment for our clients by delivering projects that are efficient, reliable and have operation ease thus providing an economic and social value to the client and humanity.

Ceid's Value Proposition Is:

Utilization of low cost feedstock such as animal waste, food waste, municipal solid waste, sewage sludge and agro-residues using technology which is environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, cost effective and produces multiple revenue streams such as electricity, Biocng, Bio CNG, Co2, Organic fertilizers and waste heat derived chilling capacity and Carbon Credits.

Implementing a community oriented biomass supply chain which ensures biomass security for the power plant and income & energy security for the community participating in the biomass supply chain.

Selling electricity as a Merchant Power Plant through a combination of bilateral deals and selling through the Electricity Exchange utilizing the "Open Access" provision in the Electricity market.

Realization Of Multiple Steams Of Revenue Through:

Sale of electricity at attractive prices through short term contracts.

Sale of Biocng and Bio CNG as replacement of high cost LPG.

Sale of Organic Fertilizers, produced as by-products.

Providing chilling services for cold storage/air conditioning plants.

Sale of carbon credits generated through avoided methane emissions, electricity generation and chilling services provision.

Sale of Renewable Energy Certificates from sale of electricity.